When Fear Takes Over

Have you ever set out to accomplish all the goals you set for yourself, but you allowed fear to set in? 


There were many things that I wanted to get accomplished before I made the big 40 this year.  Somehow, only one or two of those things were accomplished. 

Looking back, I realized that I allowed fear to control my thoughts and my actions.  Because of this I now have to add those goals to my list for 2018.

When fear sets in it paralyzes you.  You become dependent upon the thoughts that it feeds to your spirit.  Fear tells you all the reasons why you can't do it, or why you shouldn't do it.  

In this new year don't allow fear to speak to you.  Whatever dreams and goals you have set go after them with all you've got.  Go hard or go home!  When you walk by faith and not by sight fear will no longer be able to control your destiny.